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Active Measures (2018) 1080p YIFY Movie

Active Measures (2018) 1080p

Active Measures is a movie starring Donald J. Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Jeremy Bash. Russian president Vladimir Putin attacks the 2016 American presidential election in collaboration with the Trump campaign.

IMDB: 8.93 Likes

  • Genre: Documentary |
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.77G
  • Resolution: 1920*1080 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 112
  • IMDB Rating: 8.9/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 10 / 131

The Synopsis for Active Measures (2018) 1080p

Russian president Vladimir Putin attacks the 2016 American presidential election in collaboration with the Trump campaign.

The Director and Players for Active Measures (2018) 1080p

[Director]Jack Bryan
[Role:]Donald J. Trump
[Role:]Nina Burleigh
[Role:]Jeremy Bash
[Role:]Vladimir Putin

The Reviews for Active Measures (2018) 1080p

Must SeeReviewed bydabuckleyVote: 10/10

I've been following this topic thoroughly, or so I thought. As much as I know, I didn't know much of what is detailed in this film. A must see for all Americans as this is about the heart and soul of our country. Do the worldly rich and their stooges rule us or is this a government of, by, and for the people? This is where we are.

excellent documentary, based entirely on The FactsReviewed byjanetgold-12804Vote: 10/10

I just saw _Active Measures_ yesterday, and fresh from that viewing I can confirm that it is powerful *not* because it is 'propaganda' or 'fantasy' but because every bit of it is accurate. The facts of Trump's allegiance to Putin cannot be doubted, when we are shown archival materials, emails, film footage, photographs, and much more: even without the talking heads, the information is all there.

And one reason the talking heads are persuasive is that ** They Are Republicans and Democrats.** They are not all lefty Trump-haters; they are McCain as well as H. Clinton, CIA, FBI, Republican operatives as well as Democratic ones.

And if you still don't believe that Trump's agenda is driven by Putin, okay, don't believe the film, read C. Unger's _House of Trump, House of Putin._ He has even More facts, because there's a whole volume of proof.

And if you are still sceptical, consider the jury's decision in the Manafort trial, AND the willingness of so many former Trump associates to flip.

All of these -- that book and others, the continuing results of the Trump-associate trials -- support the information in the film, which is done with great clarity and visual power.


If only the people who need to see it would go also.

Brilliant look at a complicated subjectReviewed bykwpenland-1Vote: 10/10

For an investment of <2 hours, you'll get a master class in what's gone wrong in America under this administration, and WHY. It's the perfect primer, so to speak, before delving into some of the weighty books out there on the subject right now. Cannot recommend this highly enough, and its importance cannot be overstated in the run-up to this year's mid-term elections. Wish every voter would see this and understand how important their informed decisions are.

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