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Carefree (1938) 720p YIFY Movie

Carefree (1938)

Carefree is a movie starring Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Ralph Bellamy. A psychiatrist agrees to hypnotize his friend's girlfriend in order to convince her to accept his proposals of marriage, but she ends up falling for the...

IMDB: 7.12 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Musical
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 83
  • IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 
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The Synopsis for Carefree (1938) 720p

Dr. Tony Flagg's friend, Steven, has problems in the relationship with his fiancee, Amanda, so he persuades her to visit Dr. Flagg. After some minor misunderstandings, she falls in love with Dr. Flagg. When he tries to use hypnosis to strengthen her feelings for Steven, things get complicated.

The Director and Players for Carefree (1938) 720p

[Director]Mark Sandrich
[Role:]Fred Astaire
[Role:]Luella Gear
[Role:]Ginger Rogers
[Role:]Ralph Bellamy

The Reviews for Carefree (1938) 720p

Freud & GingerReviewed bymmallon4Vote: 7/10

On my first viewing of Carefree, I experienced something I never thought I would with Fred and Ginger, boredom. Initially I was expecting another spectacular musical showcase, however the film is on a smaller scale (their shortest at only 80 minutes) than their previous outings and only contains a mere four musical numbers; making it more of a comedy with some singing and dancing than a full fledged musical. With several movies behind them following a similar formula, if they were going to make another then they had to do something different or things would have become stale. I wished though that Fred Astaire could have done straight comedies during his career; Carefree is the closest thing to that.

None of the musical numbers in Carefree stand out as being among the best in the series. Fred Astaire's number in which he plays golf while tap dancing sounds better on paper than it does in execution. I'm sure what he's doing is no easy task yet it doesn't look all that impressive to watch. The Yam on the other hand is a pretty standard number, but heck, it's still Fred and Ginger dancing. I find the film's most interest musical number is 'I Used to be Color Blind', the most experimental in the film, shot in slow motion and allowing the viewer to see Fred and Ginger's grace in every detail.

For the only time in the series, Astaire plays a character who is not a dancer by profession, but rather a psychiatrist (although they do make sure to mention he once had aspirations of becoming a dancer). I don't completely buy Astaire as a psychiatrist, but realism is not what these movies are about. Plus I'm sure the psychology on display here is of the "you are getting sleepy" variety as seen in movies. He doesn't break his professional ethics though by pursuing his patient like his stalkerish attitude towards Ginger in other films in the series, instead she wants him.

Carefree belongs to Ginger, playing a character whom has been put under hypnosis, giving her the opportunity to completely goof around in a child like manner with big wide eyes, and it's pretty funny stuff. How many movies do you get to see Ginger Rogers wielding a shot gun? Everyone needs at least one movie where they get to act stupid. The comedic assets of Ralph Bellamy and Jack Carson are a big benefits to the film's witty dialogue, where much of the film's strength lies. Even if the dance numbers don't fully exceed, as a screwball comedy, Carefree grows on me, of course I am a sucker for these movies and the Astaire/Rodgers name, so good enough for me!

Average Astaire/Rogers vehicleReviewed byzetesVote: 7/10

I was absolutely sure that I had seen each of the RKO Astaire-Rogers pairings. Somehow Carefree slipped under my radar. I liked the concept, which has Astaire as a psychoanalyst trying to probe Ginger Rogers' mind to understand why she won't marry his friend and her longtime beau, Ralph Bellamy. Like pretty much every Hollywood film that utilizes psychoanalysis as a prop, it is treated as a joke and as if it were magic. At one point, during a dance, when Fred is trying to control Ginger, he wiggles his fingers like a sorcerer. It's all in good fun. Carefree comes off as overly sexist at times. Of course it was 1938, but it's hard not to wince at Astaire's guess that Rogers is a brainless ninny, even before he meets her. And, of course, Astaire can easily and completely control Rogers mind in whatever way he wants. Again, all in good fun; again, 1938. There are a couple of hilarious scenes where Ginger is hypnotized, or anesthesized. Carefree also develops some unexpected emotional depth from its situation. Rogers eventually falls for Astaire, but Astaire's best friend, Bellamy, still loves her. I guess it's kind of nice to have something like that, but it probably harms the film. The frivolity of a Top Hat comes off a lot better. `Carefree' the film really isnt! There aren't too many musical numbers, but we do get to see Astaire and Rogers dance in slow motion; `The Yam' is a cute song, and its dance number is the best in the movie; and `Change Partners' is the best song in the film. Irving Berlin wrote the music for this film.

A little short on songs, but Astaire and Rogers are in top formReviewed byJohn Howard ReidVote: 7/10

The first Astaire-Rogers vehicle to actually lose money on first release ($68,000, a mere drop in the bucket, but still...) and there's a good reason why. Only four songs and dance numbers, including a solo for Fred. Nonetheless, although the accent definitely veers toward story rather than song, it's an interesting and amusing vehicle in which Ginger and Fred not only acquit themselves most ably (Ginger looks great in her Howard Greer costumes) but are supported by a first-rate group of players headed by old friends like eager Jack Carson and irascible Clarence Kolb plus a charming comedian in Luella Gear. Character spots are filled by well-known faces like Edward Gargan as the cop with the nightstick, Franklin Pangborn as a fussy little skeet judge, and Walter Kingsford in his customary role as a doctor. Director Mark Sandrich can be spotted as the golf caddy in the first shot at the country club with Fred and Finlayson.

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