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The Gift (2000) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Gift (2000) 1080p

The Gift is a movie starring Cate Blanchett, Katie Holmes, and Keanu Reeves. A woman with extrasensory perception is asked to help find a young woman who has disappeared.

IMDB: 6.74 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Fantasy
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 111
  • IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 
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The Synopsis for The Gift (2000) 1080p

When Jessica King goes missing, all eyes turn to Annabelle Wilson. Not as a murder suspect, but as a clairvoyant. Many of the towns folk go to Annabelle for help, and Jessica's fiancée, Wayne Collins, turns to Annabelle for possible guidance. Annabelle feels that she can't help, but this doesn't stop her from constantly getting visions of Jessica's fate.

The Director and Players for The Gift (2000) 1080p

[Director]Sam Raimi
[Role:]Keanu Reeves
[Role:]Giovanni Ribisi
[Role:]Cate Blanchett
[Role:]Katie Holmes

The Reviews for The Gift (2000) 1080p

The GiftReviewed bytknicolVote: 10/10

I always said that Keanu Reeves was not that good of an actor but I still always have liked him. That was until I finally saw this movie for the first time 5 minutes ago. Keanu was amazing, best he has ever been. I also always say that Hillary Swank was God awful and that I have never liked her. Until I saw her in this movie, she was awesome, too. They were all awesome. This movie was nothing less than pure 100% genius. I had no idea Billy Bob Thorton was part writer on this which also explains why it is so damn good. Everyone in this movie showed their acting abilities. Even the kids were great, even the dog was great. This is how much I enjoyed this movie. If you like a murder mystery than check this flick out. You won't be sorry!!

A compelling, genuinely intriguing, very well-acted mystery/thrillerReviewed bymattymatt4everVote: 7/10

Cate Blanchett's performance alone make this solid thriller worth watching. I saw her in this movie, and I became baffled as to why she wasn't considered for an Oscar nomination. She carries this film on her shoulders, and never once budges. Not only does she totally get rid of her Australian accent and perfectly don a Southern accent, but she gives a deep, powerful performance as the innocent widow, Annie Wilson, who is looked down by many in her community but simply wants to share her psychic gifts with her willing clients. Blanchett communicates great emotion with a simple facial expression. Of course, I also have to give it up for the multi-talented supporting cast. Though most of them, with the exception of Hilary Swank, couldn't really nail down the Southern accent, they are absolutely terrific. The only actor I felt was miscast was Katie Holmes. Not only is her accent phony and over-the-top, but she just seems too young and innocent for the role. Giovanni Ribisi, on the other hand, is a revelation. I knew, ever since his breakthrough performance in "Suburbia," that he had great promise as an up-and-coming actor, but in "The Gift" he delivers his most powerful performance up-to-date. I would even argue that he deserved an Oscar nod. He constantly stirs up sympathy in his audience, despite his mental instability and momentary outbursts of anger. I was also extremely impressed with Keanu Reeves, who delivers a genuinely haunting performance. It's times like this where I just can't fathom why many people still insist on picking on Keanu, regarding him as dull and cardboard. Personally, I thought he was great ever since his emotional performance in "Permanent Record." But he better demonstrates his versatility as an actor as the abusive Donny. He made his debut, as a villain, in the throwaway thriller "The Watcher," but I found him much more haunting in this role. Plus, he sports a rugged look, totally shedding his pretty-boy image. Greg Kinnear is good and subtle, and Hilary Swank continues to flaunt her brilliant acting abilities as the vulnerable wife of Donny who constantly takes beatings from him, yet still maintains her love for him. The story is very intriguing, revolving around a cast of colorful characters. This isn't a "scary" movie as it somewhat looks in the previews, but it is full of mystery and thrills, without cheaply going for shock value. There is a nifty twist at the end, which is credible and not thrown from left field, but the plot isn't packed with surprises. We're simply going along on an emotional journey, through the mind of our protagonist, Annie, and that's how the tension is created. Sam Raimi creates a haunting mood and Billy Bob Thornton wrote a fine script. The story is easy-to-follow, and not as mind-bending as some of these other supernatural thrillers. Just keep in mind that this is not a horror movie. But it's a good mystery and a good mood piece and a damn good film altogether. My score: 7 (out of 10)

More than just "the flick where Katie gets out the Cruise Missiles"!Reviewed byoneguyramblingVote: 7/10

I really wanted to like this even more, as it is it's a pretty good flick with a lot of in-theory-pluses, but doesn't come through on quite enough of them to elevate it to greatness or even "really-goodness".

The potential pluses include: 1 – A solid cast. 2 – Sam Raimi in the big boy chair. 3 – A supernatural story. 4 – Katie Holmes unleashing the "Cruise missiles" at last.

1 – First the cast: The "Good" – Cate Blanchett, Greg Kinnear, The "They'll do" – Keanu Reeves, Hillary Swank, Giovanni Ribisi and the "Maybe she'll get 'em out?", Katie Holmes.

2 – Sam Raimi almost goes back to his roots of horror with this one, I love when he does straight horror, but he is a very fine director of so-called mainstream films as well, moreso when ignoring the Spiderman series. He doesn't seem to worry about the studios or the box office as much, and allows his creativity free reign.

3 – I love good supernatural stuff. The plot of The Gift revolves around the disappearance of a young woman from a small backwoods town in the US, and how the various townsfolk are somehow involved or impacted.

The primary character is Cate Blanchett as a hard working, penniless mother of three named Annie, who happens to have eerily accurate visions of the future. The strength of Cate in the role is that she is a good actress and makes some of the later visions a little more credible than they might otherwise be - and she also has no issue with wearing some of the dodgiest tracky dacks ever seen on TV.

Annie gives readings for many local people, including several regulars who fortunately are professional actors, Giovanni Ribisi as Buddy and Hillary Swank as Valerie among them. Valerie has the good fortune of being married to full blown ignorant redneck Donnie, played with spotty-bearded abandon by Canoe Reeves. Donnie has no issue with threatening Annie for urging Valerie to leave him, and obviously does a lot worse to Valerie behind closed doors.

Buddy is a local bloke working at a dinky mechanics workshop, he is obviously a very troubled individual with serious inner demons and wears his insecurity on his sleeve. As Annie seems to be the only person who believes in him and takes an interest in his affairs Buddy sees her as somewhat of a personal saint.

As mentioned Annie has three young kids, is a widow and doesn't appear to have a high disposable income (see trackie dacks) so her girl buddy drags her out for a rare evening of relaxation at the local lodge. There they encounter local school principal Wayne, played by Greg Kinnear, and his partner Jessica, played by Katie Holmes. Annie and Wayne seem to take a shine to each other, which is unfortunate as he is engaged to Jessica. Annie also finds out over the course of the evening that young Jessie is somewhat the local slut and Wayne appears oblivious to her saucy fraternising.

Anyway so Annie gets home to pick up the boys from the babysitter and finds out someone was in the house doing menacing things. She immediately assumes that it was Donnie following up with some of his earlier threats.

The morning comes and it comes to light that Jessie has gone missin' the night previous. Her father and Wayne, and a local cop (who is more than a little sceptical) consult Annie for a reading, which initially fails due to distractions.

The remainder of the film takes a great many twists and turns on the way to clarifying what happened to Jessica and who is ultimately responsible.

Among the red herrings and dead ends are many of the signature Sam Raimi "LOUD" moments, indicating things or bad guys may or may not be there, the suspicion and blame of prominent characters, and Buddy has a couple of memorable moments that help to illustrate his insanity.

The ending was a little preposterous and hokey, it almost appeared that they run out of interest and just tacked on a "that'll do" ending to get the film in the can. In any case it was less than satisfying and a little disappointing seeing as how things were developing nicely for a while.

4 – And Katie gets 'em out in a flashback. Without doubt her finest acting moment.

Final Rating – 7 / 10. Worth a look, a surprisingly low key effort from Sam with a couple of gonzo performances from Ribisi and Reeves.

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