Current School: Seton Hall Pirates

Offensive Style Metric History

SeasonSchoolOff. EfficiencyAssist%TO%Off. Rebound%FTA/FGA% Shots BlockedFouls Drawn%%Shots 3FG%Assisted 3FGs%Shots Mid-Range% Midrange Assisted%Shots at Rim%Assisted at Rim%Shots in Transition
2012Seton Hall102.457.116.332.20.22113.326.20.34989.822.233.642.942.921.3
2013Seton Hall98.962.020.631.00.22711.526.20.41791.220.636.137.638.320.2
2014Seton Hall106.755.416.126.40.31112.229.50.39284.521.634.438.741.520.6
2015Seton Hall102.752.215.734.70.25010.228.80.34979.831.526.133.635.920.1
2016Seton Hall104.551.016.434.70.2669.829.80.29780.
2017Seton Hall104.946.416.435.70.2428.428.30.30786.630.523.738.741.118.7
2018Seton Hall110.954.315.234.00.2468.027.40.33088.428.632.038.439.520.0
2019Seton Hall104.151.715.229.60.24311.726.10.36777.119.928.543.443.325.3

Defensive Style Metric History

SeasonSchoolDef. EfficiencyAssist%% of TOs Live-BallDef. Rebound%Opponent FTA/FGAFouls Committed%%Shots 3FG%Shots Mid-Range%Shots at Rim%Shots Dunks% of Shots in TransitionNon-Transition eFG%Tempo
2012Seton Hall95.654.886.267.20.25227.00.34631.
2013Seton Hall99.556.981.964.50.27429.10.31737.930.44.419.644.40%65.0
2014Seton Hall103.850.780.571.70.29630.10.33235.631.45.020.649.30%66.1
2015Seton Hall102.154.775.066.80.24929.10.31829.838.35.621.844.60%66.0
2016Seton Hall95.550.975.469.20.22926.40.33027.739.33.821.245.40%70.7
2017Seton Hall100.849.
2018Seton Hall103.248.967.771.90.21625.50.37727.634.84.220.349.50%71.1
2019Seton Hall101.453.

Kevin Willard Coaching Summary

Kevin Willard’s team was in the 64th percentile of teams in pace of play. Tempo is merely stylistic and descriptive, it carries no negative nor positive connotation. Faster paced teams are toward the top (higher percentile) and slower paced teams are toward the bottom (lower percentile).

All teams have a half-court offensive philosophy as not every offensive possession will be in a transitional situation. Kevin Willard had an offensive style in his latest coached season that was closest to being consistent with a 4/5 Out offense. It does not necessarily mean that the coach followed this offensive orthodoxy, but stylistically was most similar to this style of play.

On the offensive end, Kevin Willard had a team that had an offense that strongly emphasized scoring at the rim.It is supported by the metrics in the tables above. When it came to distributing the ball and emphasis on ball movement or scoring off the dribble, the latest season’s metrics support the following:

  • From 3 point range, Relative non-emphasis on ball movement to set up three point shots.
  • From the mid-range, Below-average emphasis on ball movement to set up mid-range shots.
  • At the rim, Greater emphasis on scoring at the rim on cuts to the basket.

Defense much like offense, there is much diversity of thought as far as style of play. There are teams that have both full court and half-court defense and in the case of the latest season for Kevin Willard, Full Court Pressure.

In the half-court, Kevin Willard featured a defensive footprint that was consistent with a team that sported a Mixed. Its effectiveness is indicated by the defensive efficiency metric as seen in the above tables.
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