De’Sean Allen-Eikens Profile

Basic Bio

PlayerDe'Sean Allen-Eikens
CityWilliston, ND
High SchoolAspire Basketball Academy
Committed/Signed to Attend:North Dakota Fighting Hawks

Advanced Stats

RecruitTeamFG%FT%2FG%3FG%3FG Share%FTA/FGAeFG%TS%Assist%Steals%Blocks%DR%OR%TO%Usage%
De'Sean Allen-EikensG3 Grind (IN)57.90%67.80%60.81%47.60%22.11%62.11%63.16%66.14%8.58%1.49%0.36%13.85%9.03%9.70%27.66%

Basic Stats

G3 Grind (IN)

High School Stats

Not Available

School Offers (If FitScore is Available, Lower Score indicates a Better Fit)

Not Available

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